Spiral Cutterhead for Milwaukee M18 BP cordless planer

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Revolutionize your Milwaukee M18 BP cordless planer with spiral cutterheads for the following benefits.


* Better quality finish with no tear-out. All the inserts are angled along the helical in a staggered way and make shear-cut effects on even highly figured hardwood.


* Noise is hugely reduced as the spiral cutter head keeps constant contact with the board with only a few knives.


* All the cutters are made of solid tungsten carbide which is much harder and stayer sharp longer than high-speed steel blades.  If one edge is chipped or dull, rotate it 90° for a new sharp edge. Each insert has four cutting edges and can be used four times.


* Easy to set up. The indexable carbide inserts are precision ground to a very tight tolerance and are interchangeable. Loosen the screws, rotate 90°, and tighten the inserts in minutes. The inserts can be precisely positioned by the taper hole style locking.


* Smaller carbide inserts remove shorter and thinner materials, which make dust extraction much easier.


* For the long term, spiral cutter heads are cheaper to use and can pay for themselves in a very short time.



Spiral Cutterhead Kit includes:

* High tensile strength alloy steel cutter block.

* 14 carbide inserts installed.

* 5 extra carbide inserts & 5 extra screws free as spare parts.

* 1 Wrench

David: Would this work on Milwaukee 2623-20
2024-03-08 07:20:23
Answer: Hello David, yes it fits Milwaukee 2623-20 :)
2024-03-22 23:29:13

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Material of CutterblockHard Aluminum
No. of Spirals4
No. of Carbide Inserts14PCS
Carbide Insert Size15x15x2.5mm R150 30°
Screw SizeT25 10#-32TPI
Standard Kit
No. of Additional Knives5
No. of Additional Screws5
No. of Wrenches1
No. of Bearings2
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