Elevate Your Metalworking Projects with Sheartak's Precision Tools

Explore Sheartak's comprehensive range of metalworking tools and machines to enhance your workshop capabilities. We offer premium-quality equipment, from circular saws to bending machines, to meet your metal fabrication needs.

Our selection includes essential tools such as the AL-310S Power Feed X-Axis, providing precise and efficient traversing for Bridgeport-type milling machines. Additionally, our PBB-5016/3SH Manual Finger Brake offers versatility with a 0-150 degrees bending angle, ideal for quickly shaping metal sheets.

Enhance your metalworking efficiency with our range of punching dies for manual ironworkers, including square-hole and round-hole punching Dies in both Imperial and Metric systems. These durable dies ensure precise and clean cuts for various metalwork applications.

Discover our robust metal cutting band saw machines, including the BS-1018T, BS-126G, BS-1018R, and BS-1018B models. Equipped with powerful motors and adjustable cutting speeds, these band saws deliver accuracy and reliability for your metal cutting tasks.

Upgrade your metalworking workshop with Sheartak's high-quality tools and machinery, designed to provide precise results and improve productivity for metalworking enthusiasts across Canada.

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