William Joseph Henry founded Henry Power Tools Ltd. in 1945 to manufacture woodworking machinery, overseeing the "Craftmaster" line. The company's reputation for quality led to global expansion, with operations in the US, India, Australia, South Africa, and other countries by 1947. In 1953, Henry Power Tools were sold to Ex-Cell-O Corporation of Canada, Ltd. The power tools line was divested to Strongridge Ltd. of London. Ex-Cell-O focused on manufacturing high-precision machine tools, while Strongridge continued producing and selling Henry Power Tools until facing closure due to offshore competition after about three decades. 

Craftmaster 4" and 6" jointers boast a straightforward yet robust design, featuring heavy castings and stands coupled with an elegant aesthetic. Despite their simplicity, they are equipped with adjustable rear tables for added versatility. Even after more than 80 years, these reliable machines continue to perform admirably. Sheartak takes pride in crafting spiral cutterheads, enabling loyal machine owners to experience the advantages of spiral cutting technology and enhance their woodworking capabilities.

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