Shipping Cost

Default Shipping for Sheartak Products:

To addresses in Canada and USA, our regular shipping is by Canada Post expediate service for maximum weight below 32kg. Delivery by Fedex, UPS and other couriers can be provided at additional cost. Canada Post works with USPS for land shipping to addresses in continental states. The tracking can be checked at Canada Post and USPS websites.

For international shipping, we ship by EMS, UPS or Fedex. If the shipping cost does not show when you check out, please contact us for quote of the freight. The freight varies with postal codes and the services you choose.




Shipping for KAKA Industrial Products (Woodworking, Forming, Brake, Shearing, Slip Roll, and Accessories Categories):

Note: Our website will not display the correct shipping cost at checkout if you are ordering a product in one of the above categories. Please contact us at to place your order with the correct shipping cost.

We use Fedex Ground, Canpar, Canada post, etc and truck freight line to ship your orders.

We make every effort to process orders within 24hrs of being placed. You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will confirm which carrier is used for your products.

If your order is less than 150lbs, it could be delivered by Canpar, FedEx, Canada Post and other couriers to the address you provided as 'shipping address' when you placed the order. If your order is above 150lbs, it will be delivered by a freight company that has been picked to minimize the cost of delivery to your area. In this case, your delivery address must be accessible by a tractor-trailer.

Truck drivers are not required to assist with unloading. You are responsible for unloading your freight and for moving it into your shop. For residential delivery and shops without a loading dock, liftgate delivery is available for an additional charge.

You can also arrange to pick up your freight at the carrier's terminal. The carrier will load the item onto your vehicle. If you choose this option, please make sure your vehicle is capable of handling the weight and bring plenty of tie-downs to secure the load properly .

Shipping Cost Table

Product Weight Cost
0lb–0.01lb Free
0.05lb–0.1lb $5.00
0.2lb–10lb $17.68
10.1lb–20lb $21.89
20.1lb–25lb $26.78
25.1lb–30lb $33.36
30.1lb–40lb $37.49
40.1lb–50lb $49.91
50.1lb–60lb $57.37
60.1lb–70lb $64.89
70.1lb–80lb $74.96
80.1lb–90lb $81.99
90.1lb–100lb $92.96
100.1lb–110lb $108.87
110.1lb–120lb $112.87
120.1lb–130lb $122.59
130.1lb–140lb $134.69
140.1lb–150lb $143.39
150.1lb–170lb $155.00
170.1lb–220lb $168.98
220.1lb–250lb $189.93
250.1lb–330lb $212.86
330.1lb–385lb $238.27
385.1lb–440lb $269.83
440.1lb–550lb $294.96
550.1lb–660lb $328.00
660.1lb–770lb $340.73
770.1lb–880lb $380.00
880.1lb–990lb $400.00
990.1lb–1100lb $499.00
1100.1lb–1210lb $530.00
1210.1lb–1320lb $550.00
1320.1lb–1595lb $760.00
1595.1lb–1870lb $820.00
1870.1lb–2035lb $850.00
2035.1lb–2200lb $880.00
2200.1lb–2420lb $920.00
2420.1lb–2640lb $1,100.00
2640.1lb–3190lb $1,200.00
3190.1lb–3740lb $1,200.00


Extra Shipping Service Charges:

1. Residential delivery, includes power lift gate service, call before delivery service $99 - Contact Us at

If your truck freight shipping order is going to a residential address or an rural area , then the driver will bring the item(s) to the tailgate of the truck for you to unload. If you are able to have your order shipped to a business address with a loading dock or forklift you do not need to select this option. Please be noted that the lift gate service charges are charged directly by the carriers; you can either ask the carrier to bill you directly or you can pay us and we will add this service for you.


2. Power tailgate service for business address $50 - Contact Us at

The lift gate service is specially designed for business address customers who need lift gate service upon delivery for truck freight orders. Select this option if you need the driver to bring the item(s) to the tailgate, which will lower to ground level for unloading. You must be available to take the item(s) from there.

3. Call before delivery for business address $35 - Contact Us at

Select this option if you require an appointment with the receiver for accepting your delivery from the driver. Appointment Freight occurs when the customer requests, via the Bill of Lading (BOL) or other means, to establish a time and date specific Appointment, or Call and Notify the consignee as a condition before attempting delivery.


Redelivery of Freight:

When, through no fault of carrier and after reasonable effort, redelivery is requested, a charge of $99.00 will be assessed against the shipment in addition to accrued charges.


Delivery Times:

Delivery times are expected, not guaranteed. If payment authorization is delayed, in order to confirm payment or prevent fraud, we reserve the right to delay shipments. Every effort will be made to ship at the soonest possible time.


  • Weather delays and other circumstances may impact delivery time. Estimated arrival dates are not guaranteed.
  • Deliveries to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador will take longer.
  • All shipping timeframes and/or shipping methods/providers listed are to be considered estimates and are not guaranteed. 


 ***We automatically email your tracking number when your order ships***


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