Spiral Cutter head for Ridgid 27263 R4331 13" Thickness Planer

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We are excited to offer you the Spiral Cutter Head for your Rojek Ridgid 27263 R4331 13" Thickness Planer. This cutting-edge technology comes equipped with 40 carbide inserts, each with 4 indexable edges. The inserts are slightly angled to the board feeding direction to create a shear cut, eliminate tear-out, and leave a high-quality surface finish on both softwoods and highly figured hardwoods. In addition, this cutter head significantly reduces operating noise and reduces sanding work by three-quarters. The spiral design also eliminates dust clogging and improves dust extraction.


The Spiral Cutterhead Kit includes:

* High tensile strength alloy steel cutter block

* 40 carbide inserts installed

* A pair of Japan-sealed bearings

* 5 extra carbide inserts and 5 extra screws as spare parts

* 1 Wrench


The cutting circle of this OEM version is similar to the original HSS blade cutterhead. The carbide inserts are balanced before installation. After installation, you will have the ability to make cuts up to 1/8" per pass. However, please note that the installation process of the 40 carbide inserts can take up to half an hour.


We recommend reviewing the manual and watching the short video before installing the inserts.

Manual: https://www.sheartak.com/shearcut.pdf

Video: https://sheartak.com/video/spiralcutterhead.mp4



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Material of CutterblockAlloy Steel
No. of Spirals4
No. of Carbide Inserts40
Carbide Insert Size15x15x2.5mm R150 30°
Screw SizeT25 10#-32TPI
Standard Kit
No. of Additional Knives5
No. of Additional Screws5
No. of Wrenches1
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