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Spiral Cutterhead for Extruded polystyrene (XPS) board surfacing

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Extruded polystyrene - thermal insulationExtruded polystyrene (XPS) has a closed cell structure and is stronge with a high mechanical performance. It has a wide a wide variety of applications and can be used for the insulation of buildings, roofs and concrete floors, crafts, model building, architectural models, structural insulated panel building systems. 

To surface the the XPS, an array of saw blades are still widely used. Saw blades are made with welded carbide tips which reheated at high temperature and are easy to wear out. To replace a saw blade, the whole cutterhead has to be removed from the machine. Dismantling and setup takes long time. The carbide tips on the saw blades hammer board direct and often scoop off materials with bad surface. Sheartak designed the spiral cutterhead with carbide inserts angled and seated along the helical grooves. The carbide inserts slice materials off at part of 15mm. This leaves better quality surface with no tear-out. The indexable carbide inserts have four cutting edges and stay sharp as 12 times long as the welded saw blades. Simply loosen the inserts, turn a quater circle, tighten the screws. Setup is super easy. This revolutionary upgrade increase the productivity. 

This spiral cutterhead is made for a XPS board extruding line. One is for top surfacing, the other is for bottom surfacing. 



Cutting length: 1260mm

Cutting circle: 180mm

Nos of spiral: 18

Number of carbide insert: 900 pieces

 Carbide size: 15x15x2.5mm R150


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Material of CutterblockAlloy Steel
No. of Spirals18
No. of Carbide Inserts900
Carbide Insert Size15x15x2.5mm R150 30°
Screw SizeT25 M6X1
Standard Kit
No. of Additional Knives5
No. of Additional Screws5
No. of Wrenches1
No. of Bearings2
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