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Carbide woodturning tools set of 6

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Carbide woodturning tools set of 6 


The carbide woodturning tool has a replaceable and rotatable carbide attach to its steel shaft. If the blade's tip gets blunt, you can either rotate the blade to a sharper area or replace it once all edges have grown dull. The carbide turning tool provides longer life and eliminates the downtime of sharpening.


* No sharpening needed

* Great for general woodturning

* The square shaft improves safety and accuracy by allowing you to hold the tool dead flat on the tool rest 


Overall Tool Length: 18-1/2''

Handle Length: 11-1/2''

Shaft Length: 9-1/2''

Handle Material: Solid Ash

Shank Material: Spring steel

Cutter Material: Carbide

Cutter Sizes: Approximately 0.45'' diameter

WEIGHT: 6.5lb

Kit Includes:

(1) Detailer with Diamond Tip

(1) Finisher with Round Tip

(1) Rougher with Square Tip

(1) Rougher with Radiused Square Tip

(1) Medium-angle Swan Neck Hollowing Tool

(1) Steep-angle Swan Neck Hollowing Tool

(1) Wrench

(1) Wooden Storage Case

Carbide Detailer with Diamond tip can cut definition lines or accents.

Carbide Finisher with Round tip can be used for the inside curves and coves.

Carbide Rougher with Square tip is designed for surfacing outside curves and cutting into corners. It can also be used to cut v-groove by rotating the blade.

Carbide Rougher with a Radiused square tip can be used to flat surfaces without corners digging in and provide smoothing cut effectively. 

Medium-angle Swan Neck and Steep-angle Swan Neck Hollowing Tools are used for smoothing inside surface and make blind cuts and undercuts to create bowls and hollow vessels.

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